The Tongue Squigi is the break-through bad breath product in the oral health care industry. The Tongue Squigi is great for removing the debris and bacteria that are associated with bad breath. The strong, durable handle is nearly indestructible and the flexible rubber tip provides easy cleaning. The Tongue Squigi is an excellent tool to ensure a clean mouth. Make your morning and night routines more exciting by adding the Tongue Squigi!

The TONGUE SQUIGI is used to complete the total oral hygiene process. The reason we brush our teeth and floss our gums is to remove anaerobic bacteria which we all know can cause gingivitis and infect gum tissue. However, most people don't realize the amount of bacteria that builds on the tongue and must be removed as well. This coating on the tongue produces foul smelling gases like hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercapten and other odors and bad tasting compounds, which are referred to as VSC or halitosis. 50% of Adult men, 35% of adult women and 5% of children have halitosis. It is extremely common and can easily be prevented by proper tongue hygiene.

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  • Removes bacteria and debri from tongue

  • Helps combat bad breath

  • Comfortable design

  • Unique rubber cleaning tip

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    Greenville, NC


  • Recent dental research shows this procedure reduces mouth odor/halitosis and plaque.
  • Proper tongue cleaning is equally as important to complete your total oral hygiene regimen as brushing your teeth twice a day.
  • Replace Tongue Squigi every three months along with your toothbrush.
  • Life time guarantee on the handle
  • Made in USA
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