Available in Single Syringe or 3-syringe packs.

This All White Bleaching Gel is an eminent formula to the Bleaching System. The mild mint flavored Bleaching Gel is available in 10%, 16%, 22%, and 30% Carbamide Peroxide. A 9% Hydrogen Peroxide formula is also available as an alternative for those who experience little to no tooth sensitivity and are looking for a shorter wear-time. The All White Bleaching Gel features a water based formula with a neutral ph resulting in less tooth sensitivity. The large 5ml syringes provide approximately 10 applications! With many bleaching strengths to choose from, the All White Bleaching Gel is great for any lifestyle.

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Dr.Collins All White Bleaching Gel, 3 Syringe Pack - 16% Carbamide Peroxide
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VERY IMPORTANT: It's not the number of syringes you buy, but how much bleach is in each syringe. Syringes are calibrated in either milliliters (ml) or cubic centimeters (cc). Both are measurements of volume. As far as the measurements go, 1cc (cubic centimeter) is exactly equal to 1ml (milliliter). As a general rule, one whitening application uses approximately 0.5 ml or 0.5 cc. However, the manufacturers of these syringes state that a 1ml (or cc) syringe will provide up to 5 applications each, when in fact it is really 2 applications.

We want to offer you TRUE VALUE. A single 5ml (cc) syringe of gel is exactly equal to five 1ml (cc) syringes of gel, that is 5 times as many applications per syringe. That means that a 5ml (or cc) syringe will provide 10 applications while a 1ml (or cc) syringe will provide 2 applications.

NOTE - Teeth whitening gel refills are ONLY used with Whitening Trays. By buying these whitening gel refills, you acknowledge that you have had professional instruction regarding the storage, dispensing and application of bleaching gel. Do NOT smoke, drink or eat while bleaching your teeth. It is NOT recommended to bleach your teeth if you're pregnant or nursing.

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