Daily flossing is a vital part to proper oral care, but for those with braces, bridges, implants, or large interdental spaces, flossing can be extremely difficult. We offer the perfect solution: Dr.Collins Dental Work. Our unique, dentist-developed sponge-like floss with built-in threader eliminates the need for two separate flossing devices. The threader easily slides through those hard to reach areas, allowing the thick sponge-like floss to follow through and deeply clean between large interdental spaces, under bridgework, and around braces and implants. Also, Dr.Collins Dental Work is available on a spool, giving you the ability to choose however length of floss you want, unlike pre-cut strands. Personalize your oral care with Dr.Collins Dental Work.

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  • For those with bridges, implants, braces, and large interdental spaces

  • Unique floss and floss threader in one

  • Customizable threader length

  • Yields 50 strands

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  • Dentisthhh developed
  • Perfect for braces, bridges, implants, interdental spaces
  • Unique sponge-like floss with built-in threader
  • Easy access to hard-to-reach areas
  • Deep clean between, under, and around dental work
  • Available on a spool , NOT pre-cut strands, for customized flossing
  • Made in Italy

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