Dr. Collins BioMin Toothpaste

SLS Free and Flouride Free Refreshing Mint Toothpaste with BioMin C Protection

NOTE: BioMin F will not be available in the US anytime soon. Flouride is a drug and regulated by the FDA. Although the Flouride levels in BioMin F are well below OTC levels in normal toothpaste, its combination with BioMin has not been approved by the FDA.

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  • SLS and Flouride Free

  • Featuring BioMin C Protection

  • Refreshing Mint

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Dr.Collins BioMin Toothpaste contains BioMin C. This SLS Free and Flouride Free toothpaste has a great mint flavor which leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh!

BioMin C is a non-irritating patented ingredient combination of calcium, phosphate, silica, and chloride. BioMin Toothpaste gives you a naturally clean, healthy-mouth sensation during brushing.

For Best results, use twice daily with supersoft Dr.Collins Perio Toothbrush and Perio Flos

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