Dr.Collins Testimonials

Donna K, AZ

" I have been a dental assistant for 30 yrs and using the perio toothbrush has been the best tooth brushing experience EVER. "

Dianne (Hygienist), CA

"I did try your toothbrush and it is wonderful! It feels very comfortable along my gum line. I have some recession coupled with molar abfractions from bruxism and I didn't experience any sensitivity. Coupled with that, I felt like there were numerous bristles that were cleansing, yet it is soft and comfortable... Very very nice toothbrush..."

Dr Roberts, CA

"This is the best toothbrush I have ever used. The bristles are amazing..."

Dr Andrews, CA

"Awesome toothbrush. I am recommending this to all my patients."

Ken, NV

"Everyone I gave the Dr. Collins Toothbrush to, loves it and my teeth feel so much cleaner. Now I cant use anything else. I even prefer it to my electric toothbrush."

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