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Perio Extreme Toothbrush


Since the beginning of the Dr.Collins brand, our Perio Toothbrush has been our bestselling and highest reviewed product. With its tapered polyester bristles, the Perio Toothbrush has been providing a supersoft brushing experience that is unrivaled to this day.

Now, Dr.Collins is proud to introduce the newest evolution of the bestselling Perio Toothbrush: Dr.Collins Perio Extreme Toothbrush!

Compared to the original Perio Toothbrush, the Perio Extreme has 25% thinner bristles as well as a 25% increase in the total amount of bristles. This higher concentration of ultra-thin bristles means the Perio Extreme is even softer and gentler than the original Perio!

The Dr.Collins Perio Extreme makes it easier to remove plaque and clean debris between the teeth. And the ultra-thin bristles act as a gum massager, helping to reduce gum pain and irritation. And for brushers who apply too much pressure, the Perio Extreme helps to minimize the loss of tooth surface due to abrasion, and can even help to recover from the symptoms of over-brushing.

The new Dr.Collins Perio Extreme is ultra-soft, ultra-thin, and can provide the most relaxing and comfortable brushing experience you’ve ever had!

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Mark T.
United States United States


Best on the market

Deb F.
United States United States

I like the bristles.

Generally good toothbrush with great bristles.

United States United States

The Only Thing Worse Than These Is Your Customer Service

Unlike your regular Perios, these Perio Extremes caused bleeding, irritation, and discomfort in my mouth. But when I tried to contact you about it, the result was a half-dozen unanswered emails and an unanswered voicemail. I'm sorry to discover that your "customer service" is apparently a non-existent joke...

Kathleen M.
United States United States

The Best Toothbrush Ever

This is the only toothbrush I have used that does not hurt my gums when I'm brushing. Plus the bristles don't flare out after many brushings like other toothbrushes do. Thanks to the pandemic, very few toothbrushes are now available but I can count on Dr. Perio to have all the toothbrushes & accessories that I need. Thanks Dr. Perio!

Justin L.
United States United States

I love Perio Extreme toothbrushes!

For years and years, I tried buying every type of "soft" toothbrush on the market. I went to CVS, Walmart, Walgreens and all the other stores. In my seach to find a "soft" toothbrush, I must have bought one hundred toothbrushes! What I began to really was that the big-name stores have contracts with certain companies(for instance, Colgate-Palmolive) and they only carry that company's brand. does not have an obligation to one company and they sell EVERY type of toothbrush. I ordered Perio Extreme Soft one time and I was hooked!!! The brushes are very very soft for my sensitivite gums---but the toothbrush handles firm; they don't bend (like the Colgate-Palmolive brand) when I brush my teeth. If you have sensitivite, receding gums you must try Perio. I promise: order these one time and you'll be hooked.


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