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BioMin® Restore Toothpaste®

223012-1 Tube

Dr. Collins BioMin® Restore Toothpaste® now FDA Approved for Tooth Sensitivity

Dr.Collins BioMin® Restore Toothpaste® contains BioMin® C, a patented ingredient combination of calcium, phosphate, silica and chloride, that is an integral component of the DR COLLINS BIORESTORE™ Complex.

When BIOMIN® C comes into contact with saliva, it creates BIORESTORE™ (hydroxycarbonated apatite), a chemical that is structurally similar to tooth mineral. BIORESTORE™ is able to attach and seal porous tooth structure, thereby reducing tooth sensitivity.

BIOMIN® RESTORE TOOTHPASTE® is a fluoride-free toothpaste intended for cleaning the tooth surface on a daily basis. The toothpaste is formulated to provide rapid and continual desensitization through mechanical occlusion of exposed dentinal tubule.

BIOMIN® RESTORE TOOTHPASTE® is also highly recommended to be used before and after any tooth whitening procedure including the use of Whitening strips to reduce tooth sensitivity.

For Best results, use twice daily with supersoft Dr.Collins Perio Toothbrush® and Perio Floss.

BIOMIN® RESTORE Toothpaste® now available in the United States

Innovative new toothpaste which releases calcium and phosphate ions and helps protect teeth from decay is now available in the United States

Biomin® the innovative new toothpaste which slowly releases calcium and phosphate ions, thus effectively replacing lost mineral from tooth surfaces, is now available in the United States through Dr Collins Inc, California.

BioMin® Restore Toothpaste® contains a patented bioactive glass material developed by a research team led by Professor Robert Hill at Queen Mary University of London. The product was launched in the United Kingdom in April 2016 and is currently available in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

“BioMin® Restore Toothpaste® contains elements found naturally in the body including calcium, phosphorus, sodium and silica,” said Professor Robert Hill, co-founder of BioMin and Chair of Dental Physical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London.
“BioMin works when water and saliva in the mouth break down the bioactive glass within the toothpaste and slowly releases the calcium and phosphate ions to deliver hydroxyapatite onto the surface of the tooth. These ions then rapidly form an effective seal over open dentine tubules.”

“This means that BioMin is more effective at replacing lost mineral from tooth surfaces than conventional toothpastes,” said Professor Hill.


NOTE BioMin® F is not currently available for sale in the US. Although the Fluoride levels in BioMin® F are well below OTC levels in normal toothpaste, Flouride is classified as a drug in the US and has not yet been approved by the FDA.

Ingredients List:

Dr.Collins BioMin Restore Toothpaste contains the following ingredients:

Glycerin: Humectant/Lubricant

PEG (Polyethylene Glycol): Dispersing agent

Silica: Thickening Agent

BioMin (Chloro Calcium Phospho Silicate): Active ingredient which adheres to the tooth upon brushing and slowly dissolves saliva to release calcium and phosphate which precipitate on the tooth surfaces as hydroxycarbonated apatite (same as the natural tooth)

Cocamidopropyl Betaine: Foaming Agent

Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate: Surfactant/Foaming Agent

Titanium Dioxide: Coloring Agent

Carbopol (Carbomer 974P): Viscosity modifier

Flavor: Peppermint Flavor Natural & Artificial

Potassium Acesulfame: Sweetener

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Phyllis P.
United States United States

it's OK

I don't know how much restoration is happening, of course. But I don't like the taste of this toothpaste very much. I would prefer a stronger, peppermint-y taste. Thank you for asking.

Joseph M.
United States United States

My order was not delivered

My order was not delivered. It was returned to sender and I still payed full value. When I reached out to them for support I got no reply

Matt D.
United States United States

never arrived

While I'm sure the produce is great, the order I placed has never arrived. Two emails to the company have failed to prompt a reply

Jennifer C.
United States United States

Fluoride free

I mistakenly thought I was buying Biomin-F, because the company has confusingly changed the names for the US market. Now that I'm stuck with six tubes of the fluoride-free toothpaste otherwise known as Biomin-C, I'm doubly disappointed to find it doesn't work nearly as well. I find it is not nearly as effective at reducing sensitivity as Biomin-F. It also does not seem to be as effective at reducing bad breath, so I assume that means it is not controlling bacteria for as long. Both of those things make sense, since the flourapatite compound formed by the flouride is more durable than the hydroxyapatite formed by Biomin C, and since the slow release flouride should also act as an antimicrobial. There's also tons of other hydroxyapatite toothpastes on the market at this point. There's only one Biomin-F. I'll be ordering it from Canada again as soon as I get over my irritation about the misleading marketing blurring the distinction between these two products.

Debbie h.
United States United States

MInty taste

I originally bought this toothpaste for my husband who was looking for a pleasant tasting sensitive toothpaste. He didn't care for the taste, so passed it on to me and I'm a huge fan. I not only enjoy the taste, ,but find my teeth/mouth feel refreshed. I don't have sensitivity, but overall am happy with this product.


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